Asterion II
Star System

Asterion System

Distance from Earth

27 lightyears


Earthlike; dense forests and jungles, large oceans


Breathable; nitrogen-oxygen



Points of Interest

Several mining camps

Native Species

Spurred Wooswoos, Great White-Maned Tooteez


Terran Federation

Asterion II was the second of the two planets in the Asterion System. It was settled by Humans early in their colonization efforts. It was extremely Earthlike; it had a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere, large areas of ocean, Earthlike temperatures and ecology, and dense forests and jungles. Native wildlife included the Spurred Wooswoos and Great White-Maned Tooteez.

Asterion II could provide for its colonists easily, but had little else to offer; as such, once settled it was largely ignored by the Federation, while the Asterion society regressed into groups of farmers, laborers, and the like, all under the prestige of the Hunters. Tales of the Hunters spread throughout the Federation, presumably fueled by the occasional mining prospectors that landed on Asterion.


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