CAM 117 Gunship

Consolidated Aerospace


World Community

Vehicle type

Local defense ship

Ship class

CAM 117 Gunship

Earliest known date of operation


Latest known date of operation/depth

Presumably by 2068

Main drive

CANE IV Super Nova

FTL drive



Very fast

  • 1 NA 117 particle accelerator
  • 6 laser beams
  • Assorted nuclear missiles

The CAM 117 Gunship was a warship that predated the Proxima Wars and were integrated into the Terran Defense Authority fleet. They were dubbed the "last of the Dreadnoughts" and had a maximum speed and firepower that was still respectable as of 2100. However, the maximum speed came at the cost of greatly reduced range, and because inexperienced crews would often accidentally use up fuel faster than anticipated they often were towed back to port. This resulted in them being given a second nickname: "Nuclear Kites."

The CAM 117 was designed around its main armament, an NA 117 particle accelerator that took up 1/3 of the ship's mass. The CAM 117's armor was kept to a minimum in the belief that its fast speed would be able to keep it from harm. However, by the time the CAM 117 saw combat the average speed of warships had increased to the point where its advantage was not nearly as great as had been assumed.

In 2052, 28 CAM 117s were forced into service at the desperate Battle for Mars, where they were forced to operate outside of the parameters which they had been designed. Only 19 CAM 117s survived the battle, all of them having depleted their fuel and needing to be hauled back to port. Like its other outdated warships, the TDA presumably retired the CAM 117 at the end of the war in 2068. By 2100 only one CAM 117 remained, a shell in the War Museum in need of repair.


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