The Terran Trade Authority (TTA) is the Terran Authority Concerning Trade Over Space. It is Seen as the Publisher of the 'Handbooks' the Orgiansation has been though the Alpha-Proxima War and has been in Existance in one way or another scence 1999, when the World Council made a Subsidiary called the World Trade Authoritiy.


The TTA was Formed in 1999 as the World Trade Authority (WTA), A Subsidiary of the World Council charged with managing trade. Four years Later the Commercial Technology Division of the World Community Research Council was Merged into the WTA. This of Course included the Fabrication yards of the Space Research Center.

Later on when Contact began with the Alpha Centaurians in 2036 and in 2038 when the langauge barrier was broken a Trade Agreement with the Alphans in 2039 the Name Changed from the WTA to the TTA

The Newly Named TTA undertook the the Construction of the Great Mars Shipyards, started pumping out ships in 2038, 8 years before the full compleation of the yards.


The TTA Produce and Run a Number of Products/Industrys

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